A few weeks ago I had a text message conversation with Steve Weatherford; Father, Husband, ex-NFL star, Super Bowl Champion, Fitness Expert and passionate Philanthropist that saw me jumping on an aeroplane (Economy class of course) 3 days later…

I guess your first thought is, “How did you cross path’s with somebody that has achieved so much and never been to the UK?” Well flash back to December 2015, I met Steve at breakfast in Boise, Idaho. He was finishing a video shoot and I just flew in to shoot some workouts for Bodybuilding.com. In turned from a 5 minute conversation over a bowl of porridge (oatmeal to the Americans) into an 18 month friendship that grew over social media into the real world.

I began following Steve that day, naturally he followed me back. I admired the content that Steve put out. Always genuine, real and relatable in his posts. Never showing off his successes but always trying to encourage others to be better and ultimately make the world a better place. I resonated with these values as it’s something I try to achieve with my personal social media platforms.

I’m guessing Steve thought the same of my social media too, we stay connected and engaged with each other often. At the point we met, Steve was in a transition phase from a 10 year NFL career to becoming an Entrepreneur which saw him creating the BEST ever 12-week arm building program, #ARMageddon which has had phenomenal success with thousands of downloads in over 40 countries around the world. Talk about impact!

#ARMageddon has become more than just an arm program, it has grown to become a community of like-minded people striving to better themselves each day. Steve has built The #ARMageddon Army, a private Facebook community that is changing lives in ways he never thought imaginable.

I’ve been inspired by Steve’s success and focus throughout the start of his entrepreneurial journey. It has certainly fired me up and pushed me to up my game.

Flash forward to January 19th 2017 and a conversation with Steve saw me booking a flight to New York 3 days later to go hang out with him for a week. Very impulsive and spontaneous of me!

It was a week I’ll never forget, getting to spend time in the trenches with Steve, living his life by the day and getting insights into his life that no amount of Snapchat could top. I was his car buddy, training partner and felt like a bigger bro to his 4 children, who I’ve grown to admire so much in the week I spent with them. Sleeping in his second youngest daughter, RaRa’s room was very comforting too – lots of dolls and Horse toys around me. lol.

Steve being Steve got along with his days as usual, including me in all his activities and daily tasks. In that time he spoke a lot, sharing his thoughts with me, having phone calls on speaker in the car and just being who he was. I sat attentively listening at every opportunity, never talking much but paying very close attention to the words coming out of his mouth. I listened. And I made some notes on what I believe has helped him create the success he’s had in life and is going to have in the future.



  1. There are two types of people in this world, Bucket Fillers & Bucket Dippers – this was a lesson taught by his then, 4 years of daughter. Watch Steve’s Facebook Video explaining them here (27:00)
  2. Honest and integrity builds a legacy – Staying true to yourself, your values and the value you add to people will create a long lasting impact on peoples lives.
  3. Never give to get – Steve invited me into his house to hang out and offer up his time. At no point did he do this to get something in return from me. It brought him satisfaction seeing somebody else grow and being able to help someone looking for guidance. Give without the intention of receiving.
  4. Be fearless – Steve goes ALL-IN on his goals, never scared of failing or making mistakes. Traits that will make him an even more successful entrepreneur and public figure.
  5. Do the work – Too many talk the talk and never walk the walk. Steve is a ‘DOER’, he takes action every single day to create the future he envisions. He knows you’ve got to spend time in the trenches and he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty grinding out endless days of work. He spent 2016 deep in the trenches, sacrificing family time to launch #ARMageddon, a hard decision to make but one that has seen him off to a successful start as an Entrepreneur.
  6. Don’t chase the dollars, chase the dream – Focus on making an impact on the world, improving peoples lives and without trying, the financial reward will come. Steve is 110% in it for the impact. He’s not chasing a financial goal, he knows it won’t buy happiness. His efforts to not try and make money is bringing him success. A lesson we can all learn from.
  7. Genuinely be interested in others and show gratitude to those who support you – Steve takes time to reply to everybody on social media and listen to his followers/ fans to deliver what they want to see. His humbleness and interaction keeps his followers fully engaged and allows them to feel like an important part of his world; a relationship he values highly.
  8. Live life on your terms – Create the future that you want to create. Take daily actions to start putting that plan in motion to create the freedom you want to have. Whether it’s to spend more time with your family, have 5 holidays a year or work for yourself, you’ve got to go all-in to create the life you want to live.
  9. Surround yourself with people who lift you up – Cut the cancer. Be around like-minded people who praise and encourage you. People who are on your level with ambition and drive to succeed. These are the people that will keep you moving forward to achieve greatness in life.
  10. Be humble at all levels of success – As much success as Steve’s created, he stay’s humble and grounded, never settling for what he’s achieved. Never satisfied with settling for anything less. He knows how to speak to people on all levels of the spectrum, people less fortunate and those with even more success than himself. He speaks with humility to those further up the ladder, offering his skills to improve their life and achieve their goals without ‘asking’ for a return.