1. Lessons are an opportunity to grow.

2. Your happiness is determined by your attitude.

3. Your biggest fear will be your greatest challenge.

4. Nothing is set in stone.

5. Hard work always comes before success.

6. Time heals.

7. Being obsessed with your goals separates you from everybody else.

8. Fall 9 times, get up 10.

9. You can never learn too much.

10. Your biggest lessons will be learned through your biggest struggles.

11. If it comes easy, it will go easy.

12.Life is what you make of it.

13. Be flexible about how you do things but be inflexible about why you do things.

14. You’re only as good as your last success.

15. The journey brings more reward than the outcome.

16. We all need human connection.

17. Feeling valued is very important.

18. Love above all.

19. Learn to forgive.

20. Stop sweating the small things.

21. Be grateful daily.

22. Be present in every moment.

23. You find your true self through your biggest adversities.

24. Your health should always be number 1 priority.

25. Your ‘why’ is your life’s driving force.

26. Showing vulnerability is true courage.

27. Hold yourself in high esteem.

28. You grow through what you go through.