Most guys shy away from it and many ladies overdo it at times… Leg day has most of us in a love-hate relationship. We love the feeling after a leg session and somewhat the DOMS after leg day but at times we hate the pain and torture we go through during a session, either way you must train your legs. If you’re skipping leg day then you’re only cheating yourself out of the many benefits that come with training them. Here are 4 good reasons why you should’t skip leg day.

1. Aesthetic Symmetry

It’s plain and simple; who wants a monstrous upper body and legs like match sticks? My guess is nobody does, it looks strange and definitely doesn’t complete that overall aesthetic look we all strive for. Developing your legs will bring balance to your body and give you a far more aesthetically pleasing look; especially when you’re in a pair of shorts or on a beach. ‘The look’ these days is all about shapely, muscular legs for both men and women so if you want to impress, you gotta train your wheels!

2. Gain Strength

Training your legs will develop heaps of strength in your entire body. Want to increase your bench press or be able to military press bigger weights? Legs play a big role in these and many other exercises where they help with your power and support your stability on compound exercises. Day-to-day tasks and activities become a lot easier too: walking up the stairs, running for a bus and playing sports. If you want to build a strong, powerful physique then consider training your legs a fundamental part of being well rounded and as strong as you look.

3. Build Upper Body

Moderate-Heavy leg training can increase your natural Growth Hormone (GH) production and Testosterone levels; the hormones responsible for building more muscle mass. By squatting more frequently, progressively getting stronger you’ll build more overall muscle as a by-product of training your legs. During compound leg exercises you’ll also recruit several upper body muscles too. When you perform a back squat or deadlift, you have to squeeze the bar to stabilise and balance. This will engage your upper body muscles and create lots of tension in your core; helping develop those rock-hard, 6-pack abs too.

4. Develop Mental Strength

If you want to know what hard training feels like then you’ll only truly experience this on leg days. The main reason why people don’t like training their legs is because it’s damn hard work and causes a lot of self-inflicted (good) pain. If you want to build your mental strength and character then get yourself under a bar for some back squats and get comfortable deadlifting.

Looking for a leg workout to get you going?

Give my GVT Leg Workout a go if you want to experience all these amazing benefits of training your legs. Leave me a comment and let me know how you find this workout.