A reason to smile…

Every waking day is a reason to smile. Every time you take a breathe, every time you move, every time you do anything is a reason to smile and be grateful.

After my 7 years of strict diets, caloric deficits and extreme measures to reach sub 6% body fat levels for the stage I wanted to check all my health markers, so I recently had my blood works checked.

I nervously opened the report, hoping and preying that everything is working optimally and my health is in check… I’m proud to say everything is looking great and my body is functioning as it should with good indicators that’s I’m a healthy man.

This is my gratitude today and everyday. Health should always be your number 1 priority above everything else. Without your health you can’t give your all to the other areas of life.

You can lift all the weights you want, smash pb’s, win trophies but if you’re not taking care of what’s going on internally then it’s all a waste of time. .
I took up fitness and weight training as a way of improving my health, giving me longevity and that’s why fitness will remain an integral part of my lifestyle. .
Remember why you started.

Smile and be grateful today 😊