An honest self…

I need to apologies to you guys who follow me. I’ve been dishonest. I’ve been hiding my insecurities with shirtless pictures that I choose worthy of social media.

Throughout my journey as a physique competitor I’ve become more aware of my imperfections than ever before. From the placings I’ve got, to the feedback given, all of these external influences have made me look at myself more critically than ever before.

This caused a shift of not only how I perceive my body but how I want others to perceive it too. It caused me to become very aware of the pictures I put out and naturally they’ve had to define some level of ‘worthy’ in my eyes before the world could see them.

Most fitness competitors and those alike suffer with this same condition of self acceptance. They’ll find it extremely hard to share anything like the above picture as it highlights their normality, their imperfections and how they actually look 98% of the time (when not posing for a picture).

I’m sharing this to show you that actually, as lean as I can get, I look pretty ‘normal’ standing very relaxed without a deliberate flex on every muscle. “We” (deemed fitness ‘obsessed’ people) don’t look our best every second of the day and most of the time we certainly don’t look like half of the best pictures we post.

For every picture we perceive as ‘our best’ there’s probably 50 others we don’t like and won’t ever post. It’s sad but true. Ultimately it comes down to an insecurity that we hold on to and an image we feel we need to maintain.
For you non-fitness obsessed peeps out there, just know this, not every picture you see is real, most of us don’t look like all of the pictures we post (day-to-day), we’re not as big, not as lean and in some cases not even in the shape we were in for the picture #TBT.
I’m sharing this because I want you to become more aware of what’s happening on social media so you don’t feel any ‘less than’ somebody else because of how you think somebody else looks.

It’s all smoke an mirrors my friends. Realise this.