1. Lessons are an opportunity to grow. 2. Your happiness is determined by your attitude. 3. Your biggest fear will be your greatest challenge. 4. Nothing is set in stone. 5. Hard work always comes before success. 6. Time heals. 7. Being obsessed with your goals separates you from everybody else. 8. Fall 9 times, […]

Be Present

Be Present… Social media has forced a shift in our presence. It’s taken us away from real life moments and instilled our focus on the happenings over digital platforms. We spend more time swiping and double tapping on social feeds than we do having human interactions. We’re losing our ability to connect and build deep […]

A reason to smile

A reason to smile… Every waking day is a reason to smile. Every time you take a breathe, every time you move, every time you do anything is a reason to smile and be grateful. After my 7 years of strict diets, caloric deficits and extreme measures to reach sub 6% body fat levels for […]

Self Acceptance

As humans we can’t help but constantly compare ourselves. We always compare to others and often focus on the things we haven’t got… We’re always looking at our faults and imperfections. We’re scared of rejection and have a desire to be accepted. Well you might not have the ‘perfect’ body, you might not have loads […]


An honest self… I need to apologies to you guys who follow me. I’ve been dishonest. I’ve been hiding my insecurities with shirtless pictures that I choose worthy of social media. Throughout my journey as a physique competitor I’ve become more aware of my imperfections than ever before. From the placings I’ve got, to the […]

Ego as the enemy

Ego as the enemy… Ego is what influences many of the decisions we make. Ego can be somewhat detrimental to making decisions that don’t have a positive influence on our lives and the people around us. I chose to compete for many years. At first it was about goal setting and goal achieving. Saying I’m […]

10 Life Lessons Learned From Steve Weatherford

A few weeks ago I had a text message conversation with Steve Weatherford; Father, Husband, ex-NFL star, Super Bowl Champion, Fitness Expert and passionate Philanthropist that saw me jumping on an aeroplane (Economy class of course) 3 days later… I guess your first thought is, “How did you cross path’s with somebody that has achieved […]

My Top 10 Blog Posts And Videos From 2016

It’s been a crazy 2016 for me, I sat down to look at some of my achievements this year and the list goes:   – 72 online clients transformed: from Australia across to the USA – 772 hours of 1:1 Personal Training sessions – 76 newsletters written (leeconstantinou.com) – 42 blog posts published – 26 […]


The other week I booked in for a full dental clean. Now before you think “wtf has this got to do with getting me lean or building a sexy sculpted body?” – hold tight and you’ll see my point… It was the first time that I had booked in for a professional clean in 2 […]


When was the last time you were swiping down your Facebook or Instagram feed examining every body that you aspired to have? How did it make you feel? Did it fire you up to train harder or did it knock you down from feeling that you could never achieve such a body? Many of us […]

Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

First I’m going to try this full body workout programme, then I’m going to jump onto that body part split programme with this Keto diet plan and then I’m going to read this book to… ‘fill in the blanks’. This is where we get stuck 95% of the time. Reading every bit of training and […]


How often do you come out your comfort zone? Being in your comfort zone is safe, it’s easy and we like to spend most of our time here. Why? Because we’re resistant to change and we fear things that make us feel uneasy. But what’s outside your comfort zone? Opportunity, growth, achieving your goals and […]

How To Hit Your Calorie & Macros Goals

One of the biggest challenges with flexible dieting is tracking and hitting macro goals. Most of my online clients in the transition from eating set diet plans to tracking macros are facing the challenge of consuming their set number of carbs, proteins and fats and overall calories. Having tracked my nutrition with flexible dieting for over 5 […]


Its quite simple, moving more will burn more calories. If you’re trying to lose fat then great, you’ll increase your caloric expenditure and reach your goals quicker! Moving more and making the effort to increase your daily activity will have positive results on lose fat and getting lean. The term used for these calories burned outside […]

How to maintain your beach body on holiday

The truth of the matter is, if you’re on holiday then you’ve gotta enjoy yourself. If you become too concerned with how you look every 5 minutes then you’re probably not having a good enough time… Now that doesn’t mean you should blow out and eat everything in sight for a week because you’ll soon […]

3 ways to know if you need a diet tweak

It is inevitable that following the same diet will eventually cause you to plateau. In this case you’ll need to make a diet adjustment to help you continue making progress to reach your goals. Here are 3 signs to look out for so you know if you need to make a diet tweak. Low Daily Energy […]

4 Reasons Not To Skip Leg Day

Most guys shy away from it and many ladies overdo it at times… Leg day has most of us in a love-hate relationship. We love the feeling after a leg session and somewhat the DOMS after leg day but at times we hate the pain and torture we go through during a session, either way […]

The 3 Training Programme Essentials

To understand how to choose the right training programme for you, you need to consider three key things: Volume, Intensity and Frequency. These three things form the foundations of any training programme and go hand in hand; each affecting one another. Once you understand their roles you’ll be able to make more personal decisions when […]

The 5 Flexible Dieting Essentials

Restrictive diets are a thing of the past. Eating like an old-school bodybuilder is just not necessary to get you the results you want. Want to burn fat and eat from a range of foods that you enjoy? Want to build muscle but don’t fancy eating boiled chicken breasts seven times a day? Good, then […]

How to maintain your results after dieting

The hardest part of dieting is maintaining your results. Let’s face it, once you get into the flow of dieting and start seeing amazing results you get tunnel vision and become super focused on achieving your goals. But once you reach that goal, that stage, that holiday you’ve been aiming for, you lose the self-control […]