Be Present…

Social media has forced a shift in our presence. It’s taken us away from real life moments and instilled our focus on the happenings over digital platforms.

We spend more time swiping and double tapping on social feeds than we do having human interactions. We’re losing our ability to connect and build deep meaningful relationships.

Society follows trends, whether it be fashion, tv, exercise or our daily habits, we become accustomed to what others do around us causing a shift of attention away from real life to the ‘fantasy world’ aka social media.

At the end of the day social media is largely false, what people want you to see becomes ‘news’ and everything else gets brushed away. And we spend much of our time consuming this ‘news’ forgetting about the real things happening around us.

Be here. Be now. Every now and then look up from your mobile phones and acknowledge the people and things happening around you. .
Appreciate and be present in the precious moments that you live and breathe… As time is your most valuable asset, you’ll never today back.