“Lee Constantinou managed to get me from fat to fit with an easy to follow nutrition plan and a workout programme designed over two stages to get the best gains I could get. During my transformation programme with Lee he kept a close eye on my diet, tweaking it here and there to help my body utilise the fat and carb stores to get leaner without losing any muscle mass. Lee’s exercise programme had seemed easy on paper but once I had gotten to the gym and done it I was totally mistaken; my own training had left my strength well behind other guys I knew plus within the first few weeks of this new exercise programme my strength had dramatically increased, to the point of me having a new personal best of a 180kg dead lift! By the end of the 12 week programme every area had grown, I even had notable separation of my quadriceps. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone thinking of losing weight, gaining size, male, female, someone new to the gym or for pre-contest preparation. Lee managed to get me motivated, my body fat down and abs out. What more do you need.” Brian