“Lee Constantinou’s fitness plan creates results. I had been eating a combination of all the wrong foods for as long as I can remember and having some real guidance on my diet saw a quick change in my weight. Within the first 4 weeks I had lost 10lbs and I was starting feel good about my body again. In the past, I hadn’t been able to stick to any plan for more than 2-3 weeks however Lee’s plan was easy to adapt to, still allowed me a huge variety of food, whilst combining the diet with varied gym sessions.

He created a plan that worked with my lifestyle; my personality and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to the gym sessions that were always kept so varied, and completing my achievements on my Weekly Tracker after each session, hugely helped for my motivation as I watched the pounds come off and I increased my weights and reps.

Lee made the gym interesting. In the past it has been the monotony of going to the gym that has lost my interest however Lee adapted and varied my sessions continuously which kept the gym exciting for me. It’s the immediate results from Lee’s plan that also kept me motivated and dedicated to achieving my goals.

Lee reviewed my results each week and gave me his constructive and honest feedback along with encouragement for the week ahead. Along the journey, Lee changed my mindset and allowed me to believe that I CAN create results and that’s due to his motivating plan, and his attitude & encouragement which in turn allowed me to think just as he does every day –  “Challenge yourself to be your best self”. His dedication for improvement is infectious – and it 100% worked for me to achieve my goal.

I would gladly recommend Lee to anyone who wants to challenge themselves, move towards a more healthy lifestyle, become more educated about diet, fitness and becoming their best self!”Bircan