“I’ve known Lee for a number of years from university and it was actually his idea for me to enter into the 12 week Bodybuilding.com 250KChallenge (08.01.2016 – 03.04.2016). I decided to participate in this challenge and follow one of Lee’s transformational programs, he coached me all the way through and it was the best decision I have ever made throughout my whole fitness journey.

I took a 6-month break prior to this challenge due to studying my Accountancy exams and my motivation was at my lowest coming into this challenge, I was the heaviest I’ve been at around 20% bodyfat. After following his program and being under the guidance of his coaching he has honestly transformed me into the best version I’ve ever been in my life.

When I started working with Lee’s I soon found out that everything he said were based on his number years of experience. His methods are incredible and extremely flexible. Throughout the 12 Week I had many setbacks and unplanned situations which weren’t part of the plan, for example I had a planned trip to Venice for 4 days, I was made redundant in my current role so I had to look for a new job during this process and on top of that I am also studying weekends and working full time 9-5.30pm 5 days a week. Honestly Lee’s program just works perfectly, he is not like other coaches out there who just want to cut your bodyweight down to a super low weight quickly. The program allowed me to maintain my muscle mass and strength all the way up until the end, I actually won the Ironman powerlifting competition at my gym in the 10th week and won 6 months free membership to my gym!!

To summarise, the best thing about the program and Lee’s guidance is that you will gain an abundance of knowledge and information to be able to self-coach yourself forever. Lee is attentive, happy to answer any sort of questions and will tailor your needs when necessary; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lee to others.” – Chilech