“Starting training with Lee was a breeze and a pleasure because of his approach to coaching.

I had a seemingly impossible goal to reach – to compete on stage among other bikini fitness competitiors and hopefully place or win a trophy – considering my current state.

I was carrying some excess weight and my body fat percentage was high in relation to where I needed to be. I felt soft all over – a regular girl – and by no means felt I could become a ripped bikini model in any stretch of time. Talk about 12-16 weeks.

I didn’t actually achieve much in the first couple of weeks due to my denial over the task I was undertaking, and general relaxed attitude. Instead of bullying me into complicity, Lee encouraged me to remember why I decided to transform by body and fitness, and that I needed to send him my weight and diet tracker regularly. This definitely made me get on the wagon!

Despite my initial slow start, I managed to lose 1-2 lbs a week steadily for the best part of four months and loved most of the process. Lee is very knowledgeable and always has a scientific or experience reason for any piece of advice or programme adaptation, and he’s always ready to reveal this so you’re never left clueless.

I ended up winning first place Beach Body at the Miss Galaxy Universe European Championship 2016, and I gained a killer body and strengthened a healthy and informed mindset towards body image, exercise and eating.

I have Lee to thank for coaching me through it all.” – Deni (Miss Galaxy Universe Beach Body Champion)