Lee is an amazing coach, any questions I had lee would answer them in depth and help me with any issues, and Lee helped me through a week flare up with my Crohns and suggested certain supplements that would aid me which worked a treat. The diet plans Lee created was tailored to foods I liked and if there was something I didn’t like Lee would adjust things to suit.

I would recommend Lee to anybody who is wanting to take their day to day gym to that next level and just needs that someone to show you down the right paths and aid you through your issues you have.

My future plans are to keep training hard, try put on a bit of size through the winter, in the new year, get back in touch with Lee, I’m hoping Lee can work with me throughout 6 months from January to June and take me to the next level, take me beyond my limits and see what can be achieved and maybe if Lee thinks I’m ready at the end of my 6 month transformation get myself on stage! – Gary