Before I met Lee I’d been exercising regularly for about 2 years. I’d tried number of different training programmes from books and websites and was eating a very strict boring diet that I put together myself having researched what I thought I needed to eat. I never really managed to make any significant changes or got the results I was after.

Working with Lee was the first time that I started to see the changes that I wanted. Lee compiled a diet tailored for me that let me focus on eating natural foods rather than relying on lots of protein shakes and other processed sports snacks that had just made me gain the wrong sort of weight in the past.

Working with Lee I was able to take a smarter approach to my training and diet and that’s when I started to see the results that had eluded me in the past. It was a slow and steady process and Lee helped from day 1 to explain everything. It took time for me to see results as my body took time to adapt to my new routine but I trusted in Lee’s process and it paid off. It’s important to be realistic, you’re not going to change overnight or in the space of a coupe of weeks – it took me about 8 weeks before I started to see visible changes – but if you listen to Lee and follow his instructions you won’t be disappointed.

I’d definitely recommend Lee to anyone. Whether you’ve not got the results you want so far or if you want to learn more about eating and training smarter then Lee’s a great guy to go to.