Lee has done more for me than just make my body look the best it ever has, made me stronger than I thought I could be and taught me the correct way to lift weights safely, he has mentally changed me too. When we started working together I wasn’t ready mentally for the change and it showed in my commitment and results. However, I like to think that Lee saw something in me and he persevered by giving me little tips every session, on lifestyle choices, how to look after myself better and constantly reminded me what I could achieve if I focused. One day something switched in my head and I realised how far he had already helped me to come and then the real magic happened and I’ve seen an amazing change mentally and physically since committing fully to his program. 

Firstly my body has changed, I’ve lost body fat, my ‘square’ bum is now rounded, my cellulite has reduced significantly, I’ve taken 4 inches off my waist alone and people are commenting on my change almost everyday. However,  more importantly I no longer look at others in the gym and wish I could be like them because I know I have the foundations of the body I’ve always wanted, its there waiting, I just need to work for it! He has given me confidence, made me healthier, fitter, stronger and also shown me the importance of looking after myself by resting, eating well and having regular body MOTs to keep me injury free.

So now I have all the tools I need, the body, the know-how, the confidence, the focus and the determination to keep going and I can say hand on heart that is because of Lee! As I have said to him before, hes the most consistent thing I have in my life; coach, friend and sometimes agony aunt 🙂