“Late 2016 I broke my foot quite badly playing football and went from a really active healthy lifestyle to a couch potato! I tried fad diets while I was out of action but I ended up gaining weight and losing any muscle I had once had… This also led to losing any interest in fitness whatsoever as I was so used to planting myself in front of the TV day after day and doing next to no physical activity. During this time, I managed to stumble across Lee’s Instagram page and blog where he spoke about an upcoming 12 week transformation program called Lean With Lee. This was thankfully the spark I needed to do something about the slippery slope I could see myself going down!

Lee answered my multiple emails in the same day and reassured me that he could get my to peak physical and aesthetic condition as long as I was willing to trust him and embrace the 12 week program. I was sent questionnaires about my current diet, the foods I like and dislike and my training experience so that Lee could tailor my workouts and diet around me! No cookie cutter plan. It was catered around my foot injury and the fact I hate sweet potato! I couldn’t have asked for more.

Week after week, I consistently lost weight and saw changes! Lee was there to motivate me when I needed it and answer my questions at the drop of a hat!

For anyone who as in two minds about undertaking this, don’t think twice! The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t do it 5 sooner! As cheesy as it sounds…

Don’t be fooled, you only get out of this what you put in! Work hard and trust Lee and the rest is easy!”