“I came to Lee whilst having been on very low macronutrients for a long time and I was unable to shed the extra 5kg I needed to through a previous trainer I worked with. I had a holiday booked to Miami 5 months from when I came to Lee and he literally worked wonders. Working with the low macronutrients, Lee got me to 65kg from 72kg. With flexible dieting, a very good structured training program and being able to contact Lee literally whenever I needed led to me being in the ideal condition I needed to be in. I am currently working with Lee again for another pre-holiday program and I would strongly recommend to anyone; whether you are competing or training for health and benefits he is THE coach you want to work with.


Lee’s knowledge and experience is second to none, his accomplishments in the fitness industry speaks for itself as well as his client results and testimonials.” – Sakib