The 12-week programme was great! Not only did it provide me an insight into the correct nutrition and training required for my needs to achieve the results that I wanted, it gave me a lot of motivation checking in with you (Lee) week after week. It was a slow start, and the first few weeks I felt dis-heartened, but from Week 5 onwards I could really start to see results! Towards Week 9, I was astonished that I could actually see some abs when I lifted up my t-shirt! I would look forward to the morning where I would weigh myself and weight was just dropping off. This provided me with a further boost, and I kept on pushing!

The check-ins are a great source, and your snaps helped me with motivation as well because, you we doing a mini-cut around that time. So if you went for walks, so would I.

Initially when I started the programme, my only negative feedback would be that I didn’t have the full concept of what online training was. Hence I why I wanted re-assurance etc. I only got to understand what it was later on during the programme. But all in all, I feel that the programme was great. Brilliant support throughout. Not only did it help me with my fitness journey but my life in general.