“In short: Lee is solution full stop.

What do I mean? Read on :).

So the story: I chose Lee as one of my friend recommendation as my last resort to try to get my weight dropping.

Bit about me: I have been seriously training for two years in the gym for bodybuilding purposes (training 4-5 times a week) been doing variety of cardio including cycling to work (80 min a day 4 times a day). I work as an accountant full time and study for masters so you can imagine a busy lifestyle.

To get into a better shape I tried all kinds of diet ( chicken/broccoli/rice or ketogenic or low carb high protein or 40/30/30 just to name a few) but either the weight came back or couldn’t stick with the diet or the diet just didn’t work.

So Lee’s diet changed that! I dropped 6kg and looking better then ever and will be continuing with his plan and coach as it has transformed my body! He answered quickly to my emails when I panicked at certain times and ensured that my diet is well balanced, easy to prepare and enjoyable!
Training is fun, rotating every 3 weeks so you won’t get bored and keep you challenged.

I can only recommend him with compliments and complete confidence that if there is someone who can help you achieve your fitness goals then Lee is.”