The other week I booked in for a full dental clean.

Now before you think “wtf has this got to do with getting me lean or building a sexy sculpted body?” – hold tight and you’ll see my point…

It was the first time that I had booked in for a professional clean in 2 years (ashamed to say).

I jumped in the seat, popped on some funky bright yellow shades 😎 and the hygienist reclined the chair to a position that would suit a decline Bench Press.

I laid there thinking “Damn! She’s gonna grill me (no pun intended) and find I need a filling, or something worse.”

As she started cleaning, I could feel my mouth getting dry and my jaw seizing up from holding it open for so long.

To my surprise she actually complemented me on how well kept my teeth were despite not having had a professional clean in so long – They usually recommend a ‘deep clean’ every 6 months or so.

As hard as it was to smile and say ‘thank you’, I did my best even with my mouth locked wide open.

She continued to put all kinda tools in my mouth, at which point I zoned out and had some thinking time about the whole situation…

How, after 2 years have I maintained my teeth so well and never had a filling in my life?

I put it down to two things:

  1. Daily Habit: I brush twice daily; as they usually recommend and do this every single day.
  2. Nutrition: 90% of the time I’m pretty clean with my foods. I limit refined/ added sugars and stick mainly to whole-foods (aside from the odd dessert and square of Lindt chocolate here and there).

Why am I telling you this you’re probably thinking? And “how does it relate to me?”, you wanna know…


Just think for a second, dentists usually recommend you get your teeth properly cleaned by a hygienist every 6-8 months and although I kept forgetting to book in, even after 2 years I’ve kept my teeth in ‘good shape’, so to speak.

Brushing my teeth twice daily is a habit – as I’m sure it’s one of yours too. Being consistent with that habit every single day has led to maintaining healthy teeth. Great!


Eating well is something that’s also become a habit of mine. Without overdoing the refined sugars and eating quality nutrients I’ve been able to avoid fillings and any common gum diseases.

To get to my point…

Creating a daily habit that doesn’t even feel like a ‘thing’ in your day can lead to great success and move you closer to achieving your goals.

Going to the gym consistently every week, drinking more water, hitting your calorie goals on a daily basis are habits that, if you embed into your daily routine you’ll find yourself moving closer and closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Make good daily habits; just like brushing your teeth and you WILL see your body take shape, given that those habits serve your goal – Obviously drinking a glass of red wine every single night won’t.

Now, nutrition plays a key role for everything in your body, not just looking better but feeling great and keeping your bones, teeth, hair, skin, nails, eyes and all the other cells healthy.

Simply eating better will keep you away from pain, medication and those dreaded fillings. It can actually save you a lot of money in the long run too – Less outgoings on ‘fixing’ something wrong in your body means more money for enjoying life even more 🙂

Taking care of your nutrition is a must if you wanna give your body the best opportunity to build muscle or burn fat.

So if simply looking better isn’t a good enough reason to make healthier food choices, just think of all the other benefits that come with it too.

Oh, and don’t forget to book and see your local dentist every now and then – Nobody wants bad teeth.