Ego as the enemy…

Ego is what influences many of the decisions we make. Ego can be somewhat detrimental to making decisions that don’t have a positive influence on our lives and the people around us.

I chose to compete for many years. At first it was about goal setting and goal achieving. Saying I’m going to do something and seeing it through to the end. For me stepping on stage was that goal.

At first I did it as a test of my mental and physical abilities but eventually I became addicted and it was then about fulfilling my ego by being able to say ‘I’m the best’ and calling myself a ‘professional’. We can’t deny that winning is a great feeling; being called a ‘champion’ has a level of euphoria and that feeling is our ego taking control and pushing us to succeed.

Is that a bad thing? No. But there’s a fine line where ego can become the enemy. Ego can push us to do things for the wrong reasons simply because we feel entitled, we feel better than or have more to say and show. .
Be mindful of the reasons WHY you do what you do, stay in control of that voice saying what you’re entitled to, don’t lose yourself and as the great boxer Anthony Joshua¬†says ‘stay humble’, always…