How often do you come out your comfort zone?

Being in your comfort zone is safe, it’s easy and we like to spend most of our time here.


Because we’re resistant to change and we fear things that make us feel uneasy.

But what’s outside your comfort zone?

Opportunity, growth, achieving your goals and all that magic in life that doesn’t come easy.

I’m saying this more in reference to fitness and achieving your body image/appearance goals but it really applies to everything in life.

How accomplished do you feel when you step outside the ‘zone’ and do something you never thought was possible or achieve something you feared in the past?

Pretty damn good right?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Start feeling that ‘shit yourself scared’ feeling a little more.
Start putting yourself out there more.
Start lifting some weights that make you wanna scream ‘ahhhhhhh’ after a set because it burns so much.

Lately I’ve stepped out mine. At first I felt vulnerable, challenged and hated not being good at something but over time and persistence the rewards have been satisfying.

You’ll be amazed what lies outside your comfort zone… Get outside yours.

Leave me a comment below and let me know a time you stepped out your comfort zone and achieved something amazing.