The truth of the matter is, if you’re on holiday then you’ve gotta enjoy yourself. If you become too concerned with how you look every 5 minutes then you’re probably not having a good enough time… Now that doesn’t mean you should blow out and eat everything in sight for a week because you’ll soon regret it when you get back home weighing 10lbs heavier. It’s all about balancing enjoyment of food with activities that keep you from storing excess body fat. Here is how you can maintain your beach body on holiday this year.


If you’re like me then you like to take time off from heavy training to allow your body to recover whilst you’re away soaking up the sunshine and topping up those vitamin D stores. What you need to consider is that you’ve now reduced a couple hundred calories being burned through exercise. Your daily caloric requirement to maintain weight has now gone down to compensate for this. If you start pilling in the calories and take that week off training then you’re going to be in serious trouble and will gain a lot of excess body fat in that short space of time.

Lee’s Advice:
My advice here would be to stay fairly active on holiday doing low intensity exercise such as long walks across the beach and around the towns. If there’s any mountains take a hike up as one of your daily activities! This is great way to catch some extra rays and vitamin D too. This will help keep your mind off food and help burn up the excess calories you’re likely consuming.


The biggest mistake we make whilst being on holiday is not drinking enough fluids and staying hydrated. Without the convenience of drinking water in hotel rooms, having to buy water seems to be a chore for most. This lack of hydration will cause you to want food, often due to the signals your brain will send your body. Without satisfying your hydration needs and choosing to eat more food you’ll be pushing your body into an excessive caloric surplus, a state when you’re likely storing excess, unwanted body fat!

Lee’s Advice:
As annoying as it may be to keep buying water and spending that precious holiday money, it will do you the world of good when it comes to maintaining your health and abs whilst on holiday. Being dehydrated will cause your body to retain more water, giving you a bloated look; one I’m sure you don’t want on the beach. Grab a 6-pack of water from your local shop, store it in your room and dedicate to drinking a minimum amount of water. Aim for at least 2 litres or more if you can manage. The more the merrier, especially in those sunny climates.


One of the biggest diet downfalls when being away is missing out on those precious vegetables. In hot countries it’s never too hard finding fruits but veggies don’t seem to be on many restaurant menus. If you’re loading up on complex carbs (which are usually covered in oils) and meats and missing out on vegetables then your body will eventually find it harder and harder to break down and properly digest your meals. This can cause constipation, which will mean more bloating and a distended stomach – not a good look on the beach. Another downside is you’ll always want to eat more food! Vegetables are high in insoluble fibre, which will keep you fuller for longer.

Lee’s Advice:
Be conscious when ordering food at a restaurant. Look for vegetables to add to your meals to balance out your protein and complex carbs. Make a conscious note for them NOT to down your vegetables in oils and overcook them as more often than not, they do this. The more crunchy your veggies, the fuller you’ll be. If you don’t want to take the risk of not getting enough goodness in your diet on holiday then you can do what I do and pack a Greens Powder; full of super foods and loaded with nutrients and fibre (my favourite is the chocolate flavour).


Leave me a comment below and let me know if you find these tips helpful to keep you beach ready this year.