Its quite simple, moving more will burn more calories. If you’re trying to lose fat then great, you’ll increase your caloric expenditure and reach your goals quicker! Moving more and making the effort to increase your daily activity will have positive results on lose fat and getting lean. The term used for these calories burned outside of your training session is called NEAT short for, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Pretty ‘neat’ right?

Increasing your ‘NEAT’ can be done in many ways. Here are some ways that you can up your NEAT.

Taking the stairs not the lift,

Choosing free weights over fixed machines,

Walking/ cycling and not driving to work,

Walking to get your groceries and carrying the bags home,

Having short, 10-15 minute walk breaks in the day (if you work at a desk).

It’s pretty easy to take a look at your average day and make some decisions that will allow you to move a little more without it affecting your day too much. And just think, by doing this you’ll be burning calories, losing fat and getting visible abs. It may not be hundreds of calories at a time but all of those 10’s and 20’s of calories will soon add up over a week and equate to you losing 1-2lbs of body fat; a health, ideal amount to be loosing and a weekly bases.

Using free weights over machines will require more energy and effort from loading and unloading barbells or un-racking and re-racking the dumbbells (which everyone should be doing). You’ll also be increasing your NEAT from lifting or moving the free-weights in your start position; have you ever noticed how much effort is required to lift some dumbbells into that start position for a seated shoulder press? The tiny movements that your body does to stabilise it’s self requires energy too, we’re not talking lots of energy but again, enough to increase NEAT.

So before you have to dread cutting your calories again, take a look at your day and find ways to up your NEAT. Suck it up and just make more daily chores for yourself. It might be that perfect excuse you’ve been looking for to clean your house.

Leave me a comment below if you’ve found these tips helpful for on your quest to lose fat and get lean.