First I’m going to try this full body workout programme, then I’m going to jump onto that body part split programme with this Keto diet plan and then I’m going to read this book to… ‘fill in the blanks’.

This is where we get stuck 95% of the time.

Reading every bit of training and nutrition material until we practically paralyse ourself out of actually doing the work and following through. 

I know this oh so well, I’ve spent a lot of time planning but not doing and guess what? It’s an excuse.

Fear is what holds us back from making a decision, trusting it’s the right thing and running with it. 

Fear of failure.

Nobody likes to fail. It’s why we decide to find excuses, reasons and justifications for not starting on the goals we so badly want to achieve.

The internet is a scary place, we have access to websites, blogs, mobile apps, social media and resources beyond our imagination.

Back in the day you’d be lucky to get your hands on a 32,000 page encyclopaedia but now we have search engines like Google giving us tens of thousands of answers to our burning fitness questions.

Which answer is right? Which plan should I follow? Maybe I’ll do this, maybe I’ll do that one first…

Ahhhh it’s so overwhelming!

Since when did making a decision become so hard? 

…Since we were overloaded with information distracting our ability to make a clear and concise decision.

You my friend are stuck in a state of ‘analysis paralysis‘. You are left over analysing all the possibilities and plans that you have become paralysed to make a  single decision to start.

Don’t worry there are many other’s just like you struggling to take action, but guess what I’ve got an answer…

Want to break free?

Become an executive decision maker. Imagine that you’re the CEO of a company and you need to make a decision that will either sink or survive your company. 

I’m guessing you’ll make a decision pretty quickly right? Whether that decision is the right or wrong decision you’ll still make one.

Start becoming the executive decision maker of your life.

Practice this in day-to-day scenarios. If someone asks if you want to go the cinema, answer immediately with a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Leave out the ‘maybes’ and ‘I’ll think about it’ answers that come so easy.

Becoming clear in your decisions in every day life will help you make sharper and more decisive decisions when it comes to those body image goals that sit at the back of your mind every single day.

You’ll be able to pick programmes easier and make a start right away.

Still can’t decide?

If you’re really not good at making decisions then get someone else to make it for you.

Get a family member, a close trusted friend or hire a coach to pretty much tell you what you’re going to do.

Now the hard thing with family is we often let our ego get the better of us, thinking that we know best and they don’t know what they’re talking about. If that’s the case then it might just be the right idea to get a total stranger I.e. A coach to step in.

Breaking free of this state of analysis paralysis could be the answer that you’ve been looking for. All the resources are right in front of you but all that’s left is the decision that you need to make.

Be it right or wrong, a decision is the first step in the right direction of achieving your goals.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Worst case scenario it’s not the best decision that serves your goals. Your body doesn’t agree with that diet protocol or the training programme is too intense.

Well guess what? You’ve learnt something new. You’ve learnt what doesn’t work for your body and now you can start finding what it is that does actually work for you.

There’s no loss in making a decision, the only loss is the decision you choose not to make. 

Stop fearing failure, decide and start now. 

Slowly create momentum to attack your goals head on and you will see the changes you want to see.

If you’re stuck in ‘Analysis Paralysis’, leave me a comment with the dilemma you’re facing right now. I’ll meet you there with my advice.