30 Day #LeanWithLee Ep. 4


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Leg Workout at Culture Gym

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Fitness Q&A – Sharif Lawton & Lee Constantinou

A couple week’s back I caught up with fellow coach and good friend Sharif Lawton for a workout, some lunch and to bring you a fitness Q&A. In this Q&A we answer: – Fasted cardio for fat loss? – Training when sick? – Fitness after fatherhood? – Protein and vegetarianism? – Peak week? – Favourite […]

Get Rock Hard Abs With Cable Crunches

My favourite abdominal exercise for developing and thickening up that 6-pack.

Arm Workout with Jamie Alderton

Watch this ARM BLAST workout with fellow WBFF Pro Fitness Model Jamie Alderton down at his gym GrenadeFit. Give it a try and leave a comment if you enjoyed it.

‘Quick’ Q&A with Lee Constantinou (Oct)

Tune in to my latest ‘quick’ Q&A answers your fitness questions… Questions answers: Q1. Which is the most effective training for fat loss? Free weights, HIIT, Cardio, Cross Training. Q2. What is the most effective nutritional style for losing weight? Q3. How do you find the balance between tracking macros some days and eyeballing food […]


Sometimes you just feel like taking a break from the free weight exercises. In today’s workout it was all about chest & biceps making good use of the hammer strength machines. Check out this workout for something a little different but still great for stimulating growth in your pecs and biceps. DOWNLOAD THE FREE MACHINE […]

Full Body Beginner Compound Workout

Just started lifting weights? Not sure which ‘split’ you should do? Start here… This is where every newbie should begin when they want into a gym. The basic (but not easy) compound exercises to target every muscle group in a single workout. This workout isn’t just for beginners, this is for anyone who: Wants to […]


Check out this quick fun video I did for Bodybuilding.com about spices.


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Blast your shoulders and tricep with these 4 simple exercises using the German Volume Training Principal for maximum lean muscle growth. Give the workout a go and track your session with the free workout plan below. Click the link below to download your free workout plan and give this one a go. FREE GVT SHOULDERS […]


Not seeing those scales drop even though you’re in a calorie deficit and training your butt off? Watch this video and find out why. Leave comment below if you’re struggling to shift unwanted body fat right now.

3 ways to get back on track after a holiday

It’s a sad time when good things come to an end; especially holidays abroad in the sunshine by the sea. Too often people fall so far out of routine after taking a holiday to the point that they struggle to get back on track and prioritise their health once again. Don’t let this happen to […]


Try this super simple, super effective German Volume Training (GVT) Back & Biceps workout for an awesome pump! Choose a weight around 60% of your 1RM and perform 10 sets of 10 reps on the first big compound exercise. Follow this up with 2-3 more compound exercises (like you can see in this workout) and […]

Diet Myths Busted!

In this episode I give you the truth behind 3 common diet myths: Myth #1: “Low carb diets are best for fat loss.” Myth #2: “Don’t eat carbs after 8pm.” Myth #3: “Eating fats will make you fat.” Tune in to this episode and stop believing these myths surrounding nutrition and dieting. It doesn’t have […]

Chest & Shoulder Workout

Here’s another awesome workout for you today! This a workout from a new training cycle which focuses on building shoulders. This workout is one of two shoulder workouts in the week. It’s a Monday so of course it’s chest day! Watch the full workout below and download the FREE workout plan. Download the FREE Chest […]