Just started lifting weights? Not sure which ‘split’ you should do? Start here… This is where every newbie should begin when they want into a gym. The basic (but not easy) compound exercises to target every muscle group in a single workout.

This workout isn’t just for beginners, this is for anyone who:

  • Wants to get stronger
  • Limited for time
  • Wants to maximise their calorie burn
  • Wants to get leaner
  • Wants to build a balanced, aesthetic body

Here’s the workout. Download the free workout plan below and stick with it for at least 4 weeks. I can pretty much guarantee you’ll get stronger and start seeing the results you want to see.

Oh by the way, make sure you turn the sound up so you can hear my technique tips on each exercise.

Download the FREE workout plan

Leave a comment below if you’ve got any questions about the major lifts or you’re just starting out and want to know the next steps.